Also this year the Robotics Space Laboratory of Bologna University (II Faculty of Engineering, Forlì) participates to REXUS/BEXUS program!

The name of our team is REDEMPTION, which stands for “REmoval of DEbris using Material with Phase Transition - IONospherical tests”.

As the name says, the aim of our experiment is to verify the possibility to use a polyurethanic foam for active debris removal. In the next months,  we will be involved in the design and realization of our experiment, which will be launched onboard Rexus rocket in March 2012, from the ESRANGE Space Center in Kiruna (Sweden).

Participating to an ESA launch campaign is something really amazing, and we recommend this experience to all the students who attend scientific faculties! After years of theoretical studies, put into practice what we have learned is a very unique occasion to grow!

Even if this adventure has just started, we have already understood that travelling around Europe, facing other realities and expanding our horizons, is something really useful!

We are sure this project will help us to better understand the world of scientific research and of work. So, let us seize this opportunity!

Sta alla larga
Rexus-7 Launch (Photo by Gian Paolo Candini)
ESRANGE Space Center (Photo by Gian Paolo Candini)